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Torneo de Surf – Bajasur Tour 2012


Todos los concursantes se deben de inscribir antes de la fecha del evento. El costo para inscribirse por evento es de $200 pesos para la categoria abierta de hombres y $100 pesos para las otras categorias. Habrá un descuento del 25% para quienes se inscriban para todos los eventos antes del primer evento.
Para inscribirse, uno puede llenar el formato anexo o pasar a cualquiera de las tiendas Surfsipuedes en San Jose del Cabo, asi como llamando al 624 105 2976.
Las inscripciones en la playa tendran un costo adicional de $100 pesos.
Todos los fondos recaudados como inscripciones serán donados a la Asociacion de Surfistas de Baja California Sur.

The BAJASUR TOUR is the first surfing circuit of Baja California Sur, Mexico. The mision behind the BAJASUR TOUR is to promote the sport and culture of Surfing in Mexico, primarily in the state of Baja California Sur. The surfing circuit consists of 4 events in 4 different breaks or waves and will have 1 winner. The event is based on points, so the competitors accumulate points throughout the events. The competitor with the highest points wins.

This year there will be 4 categories, including A) Open Mens (Pro/Am), B) Open Womens, C) 16 and under and D) 30 and over.

The four stops will be as follows:

1. Costa Azul or Zippers in San Jose del Cabo on June 9th

2. El Cardon or Shipwrecks on the East Cape in August 18

3. San Pedrito in Pescadero, la Paz in late October 27

4. Cerritos in Pescadero, La Paz in December 15.

The events are open to the public and we welcome everyone to attend and participate.

The events are held under the ISA rules and regulations in accordance to the Mexican Surfing Federation and the Surfing Association of Baja California Sur.


If you would like to participate in the BAJASUR TOUR 2012, please fill out the form and send us your comments.

There are 4 categories including A) Open Mens, B) Open Womens, C) 16 and under and D) 30 and over.

All contestants must re gister by filling out this form or at any of the Surfsipuedes stores in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Thanks and Surfsipuedes!!!

All contestants must sign up prior to the eventS. Each event is seperate and the sign up fee for the first event is $200 pesos for open mens and $100 pesos for each additional category.

You can sign up by filling out the following form or by visiting any of the Surfsipuedes Surf Shops in San Jose del Cabo. You can also call to sign up at 624 105 2976.

There will be a A 25% discount to those who sign up for all 4 events prior to the first event.

Beach entries will have an additional cost of $100 pesos, so make sure to sign up before the event.

All proceeds from the sign up fees will go to the Baja Califonria Sur Surfing Association.

The rules and regulations that apply to the BAJASUR TOUR  are the same ones followed by the Mexican Surfing Federation, which were established by the ISA or International Surfing Association.

The rules and regulations can be consulted at the following web page:

How to Register

Click on the below link to register by going to our website. Just enter your detail and pay the registration fees.

Register Now

Precio : $200 pesos para la categoria abierta de hombres y $100 pesos para las otras categorias. Las inscripciones en la playa tendran un costo adicional de $100 pesos

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